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RUMBLE59 – Denim for Greasers, Hotrodders, Bikers, Rockabellas & Bad Girls

RUMBLE59 looks back on rough times - when daring Moonshiners raced against Hillbilly- Cops, Rockabilly-Streetgangs fought for Little Italy and the first Rock'n'Roll idols appeared on the stages.
RUMBLE59 smells like Gasoline and self distilled booze, like a smoky honky tonk back room and a bloody boxing ring. It smells like pin-ups and betties, like tough guys and easy girls.
RUMBLE59 needs no bells and whistles to reach it's aim - just like a '32 Ford V8. Suitable not only for wrenching at the Garage, but also for rough everyday-life and wild party nights.

30% Rock'n'Roll | 10% Vintage | 15% Pin Up | 15% Rebel | 40% Denim = 110% ATTITUDE!

Cute PinUps seduce with their sexy silhouettes but are badass underneath and know how to use their weapons right: Hot curves and deadly switchblades. The male protagonists arrange their affairs with fists - just as rough and direct as the clothes they wear. Miners, Hotrodders, Rock’n’Rollers and Rockabellas are the inspiration for Rumble59’s versatile range of products.

he 2007 founded denim-label from Essen, Germany is the own-brand of the “Red Hot & Blue” Gmbh and has flourished into an international renowned label with a constantly growing product range. Additional to the heavy Denims Rumble59 doesn’t stop at T-Shirts, Jackets and Accessories but also features it’s own range of Pomades (”Schmiere” - German for Grease) and “Devil’s Booze”, a Whisky that contributes to making Rumble59 quite more than your avarage Fashion-label.

Besides the high quality and the first class workmanship Rumble59 especially takes care for the design and creation of each product.

Rumble59 honors american virtues like pioneering spirit and freedom but looks at it’s own origin from the “down-to-earth” German Ruhr-area with pride.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items